Bitesize Masterclass - Consolidations

What We'll Talk About

What's better than one Silverfin file? A consolidated file linked to many existing Silverfin files, of course!

You've done the hard work adding your client file, mapping them, reconciling them, so we've made setting up a consolidated file quick and easy. While Silverfin is by no means a consolidation tool, a consolidated file allows you to perform simple consolidations as well as perform any management accounting requirements. 

Dive into all Silverfin has to offer and take advantage of work you've already done by creating a consolidated file with value-adding reports that are quick and easy to set up. Efficient, effective accounting. That's the way we like it!

What You'll Learn

  • The prerequisites in order to be able to add consolidated files into Silverfin
  • How to add a consolidated file to Silverfin 
  • How to create period sets that allow for reporting in a consolidated file

Short on time? 

Access these articles to add a consolidated file to SIlverfin and create reports for a consolidated entity

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