How do I create an export file? [ADMIN]

Think of Silverfin as one language and CCH as another. Your Export File operates like a set of rules which translates between two systems. This doesn't need to be CCH, but maybe Caseware or IRIS... whichever system you need to export out to, this is the methodology!

This article will help to set up the capability for your users to export data from Silverfin into another system such as IRIS or CCH. By mapping your Silverfin CoA to another CoA, we help make data extract as easy as the click of a button. Literally.

Some things to note before we get started: 

  • We'll be covering some basics in Liquid coding. It looks and sounds much more intimidating than it is. 
  • This assumes an existing Export File is available for edit. If you currently don't have one, that's not an issue. Contact your Customer Success Manager. 
    • We need to know the basics about what data you want to export (e.g. Silverfin code, CCH code, Account Name, Value to 0 dp).
    • We also need to have mapping between Silverfin and the relevant export codes - we can set this up for you! (Exactly like step 1 below)

How Do I Edit An Export File Template?

Step 1. Before we can tell Silverfin how to extract our data, we have to tell Silverfin what goes where. Start by creating an excel document which matches your Silverfin CoA with your CCH CoA. 

Step 2. Then we need to turn it into a language that the underlying code can understand. With a simple formula, we add a " ; " at the end of each CoA code to separate each number by typing " =A2&";" in the cell. 


  • We avoid the use of ".” as a separator in case the suffix is used in your nominal codes (e.g. a Silverfin Code 110100.01). 
  • If you don't have a CCH code for every Silverfin code then simply leave the CCH cell blank. It just means when extracting the data there won’t be a CCH number, but everything will still come through.

Step 3. The next step is to add it all onto one line with another formula,  " =CONCATENATE(C2:C13) ". This has to be done with both the CoA codes. 

See in the example below we've collated all of the contents between C2 to C13 into one line on cell C14. Once you've done that to both your Silverfin and your CCH code, we're ready to tell Silverfin which code belongs to which. Step 4. Enter your Silverfin account as an Administrator and navigate to the 'Templates' section.

Step 5. Scroll down to the Export Files section and select the file you wish to edit. Step 6. This screen is where you can edit or amend your export file. For those new to coding, it might look scary but we promise it's not! Your view may differ slightly based on what your export file template is written to extract, however it should be a similar format. 

  1. Name - Your file name (e.g. CCH Export)
  2. File name - This will be the name your file exports into. This can be whatever you choose, but ensure you end the file name with a ".csv" extension. (e.g. CCH_Export.csv)
  3. Your Silverfin CoA code array - This is your Silverfin CoA code array - the grey arrow indicates exactly where within the code your information will sit. To do this navigate back to your excel document and copy the concatenated Silverfin CoA created in step 3 (e.g. 110100;110105;1...;141000;) into the space.
  4. CCH CoA array - Similar to your Silverfin CoA, this is your CCH code array. Again, the grey arrow indicates exactly where within the code your information will sit. Copy the concatenated CCH CoA (e.g. 6040;6048;...6008;) into the space.

Once you're all done don't forget to hit save! Your export file is now ready! :)

How Do I Download Data With My Export File?

1. To make use of your new Export File and download your client data, start by navigating to your client file. 

2. From the Client overview page select ' Actions' and 'Download data' from the drop-down list.

3. A pop-up window will appear where you can select your new export file. 


Hot tip - You can check to see if your export file contains any errors by tallying whether the TB is 0. If it does equal 0, then your export has captured all accounts. Happy days!

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