Bitesize Masterclass - Export Files [ADMIN]

What We'll Talk About

Not everybody speaks the same language and that's okay! Spend a bit of time with Borja to learn how to create a template to export files by mapping your Silverfin Chart of Accounts (CoA) to another Chart of Accounts. This means that even though all your data may be in Silverfin, you can still work with CCH or Iris by creating a common map. This bite-sized masterclass takes you through some step-by-step basics of Liquid coding which Borja will have you flying through it in no-time. 

What You'll Learn

  • Basics of Liquid coding to map your Silverfin account codes into CCH/Iris codes
  • Create 'Export File' Templates on Silverfin
  • How to edit or amend codes when they change

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