Manual uploads with dimensions/tracking categories

It's time for you to set up a new client file and on step 1 of the client file setup wizard in the ' Type' dropdown you see 'Analytical'.......

"What on earth does that mean?" you may wonder.

An analytical file allows you to see your income or expenses broken up into different dimensions/categories, which may can then be used when running reports in Silverfin. If you have a standard Xero sync, you can pull in tracking categories by selecting an 'Analytical' file type, alternatively, you can upload the details of your different categories as part of a manual upload.

As you already know from reading this article, when performing a manual upload you need to make sure you have headers for each column on the trial balance. When adding details of categories, you simply need to make sure there is another column set up for the category and split out the details of the income/expenditure per category. For example:

When uploading the trial balance as part of your new client file setup, simply map the ' Dimension/Category' header to Dimension 1 on the dropdown:

On your client file, you will see the detail of the categories in the ' View ledger' section of your nominal account working papers:

 You can also set up reports to show the details per tracking category (see this article for details):

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