Bitesize Masterclass - Mapping and the Silverfin CoA

What We'll Talk About

Mapping is how we tell Silverfin where the incoming client data should sit within Silverfin’s standard Chart of Accounts (CoA). It may seem confusing at first, but we promise it’s not! This Masterclass will show how you can quickly and easily map your client’s data straight into our platform. 

Mapping is a necessary evil which allows you to create a more seamless and standardised way of working across all of your client files. It allows your business to standardise workflows, reporting, checks, and of course, working paper allocations.

What You'll learn

  • How to map incoming data into Silverfin’s standard CoA
  • How users can change mapping, customise account names and access help
  • How admin users can manage settings (such as suffixes for multiple entries into one account), allocate custom CoAs or manage multiple CoAs
  • How the CoA can be used to standardise reports, workflows, checks and account allocations

Short on time?

Access these articles to map a file in Silverfin, view a quick mapping guide, or edit account ranges.

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