Bitesize Masterclass - Styles and Exports

*This Masterclass covers customisation privileges limited to Admin users, however all users may enjoy understanding the art of the possible in relation to the export functionality

What We'll Talk About

Deliverables are to Accountants like the Olympics are to Professional Athletes - all our time and energy spent behind closed doors cumulates into a final, polished and gold-standard output. That's why Silverfin offers easy to use functionality which allows you to create customised exports to share with clients in the click of a button. 

Here, Laura will demonstrate how you can supercharge your exports to share with clients by selecting key reports, colours, logos and headers/footers for a customised and refined deliverable. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to build and customise reports bundles for easy extracting, down to the selection of accounts, working papers and attachments
  • How to customise the export including your firm logo, colours, and header/footers
  • How to file your reports directly on Silverfin or re-use a previous export bundles

Short on time? Learn how to edit or update the style of your export or repeat a previous export.

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