Bitesize Masterclass - Pulse and Interact

What We'll Talk About

Lucky you, because communicating and collaborating with your clients just got so much easier. Goodbye to emails loaded with attachments you'll have to spend hours untangling, and good riddance to anxiety-inducing emails with confusing in-document references. 

We know your clients are at the core of what you do, which is why Silverfin has introduced Pulse. Pulse is a user-friendly and customisable client portal where your clients can view data trends you expose, dynamically correspond with you on working papers, or access important documents you share. Explore how to take advantage of Silverfin's communication functions and discover how you can make the most of Pulse and what your client will be able to see.

What You'll Learn

  • How to start conversations with clients through communication functions Tagging, Notes and To-Do's 
  • How to set up and customise your client's Pulse, including trends, reports, work papers and communication
  • How to collaborate down to a line-item level, where your customers can respond directly to your queries, propose changes, or share important documentation
  • Privacy functions to control what is shared in reports, reconciliations and documents

Short on time? Learn What Pulse is and how to make a report visible.

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