How do I make documents/folders private?

Why would you want to make documents private?

This is relevant if you are using Pulse with your client. A Pulse user will be able to see all folders in the 'Documents' tab that have not been explicitly marked as 'private'.

Individual documents cannot be made private in Silverfin, however folders within the 'Documents' tab can be made 'private'. Therefore, if you don't want documents to be visible to your client you'll need to add them to a folder and be sure to make that folder private.

In the ' Documents' tab in a client file, you will be able to see all documents and folders that may already be present:

Move any unallocated documents into an existing/new folder.

- Existing folder: Select the tick-box next to the document/s, click 'Actions' -> 'Move selected' -> select the relevant folder

To mark an  existing folder as private, go into the selected folder and click 'Actions' -> 'Make private'

- New folder: The same steps above would be followed, but you'd first need to add a new folder.

Simply click ' Actions' -> 'New folder'

You can mark the new folder as 'private' at this stage.

All documents within a 'private' folder will no longer be visible to your clients!

See which folders are already private from your 'Documents' tab by looking for the crossed out eye symbol:

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