How do I share reconciliations in Pulse? [ADMIN]

On an Admin/firm level, you can choose to have certain reconciliation templates always visible to clients in Pulse. 

This does not mean the client will be able to amend anything on the template (unless they've been invited to do so by using the Pulse 'Interact' functionality).

On the firm landing page, select ' Templates' and go into the template/s you want to share with clients"

Within the reconciliation template itself, scroll down until you see the two tick-boxes below. 

Click the ' Visible for external users' tick-box.

Within Pulse, your client will now be able to see the working paper as a 'read only' template (i.e. what you'd see in 'Preview' mode on the template).

Client view of the template:

The client cannot unstar or edit the template. They will only be able to download the template into Excel (by using the 'Actions' button).

If you want your client to be able to provide suggestions on specific inputs in a template (e.g. actual inputs or communication on a specific reconciliation template or nominal account), read this article. This is what we call 'Interact'!

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