How do I add a Pulse user? [ADMIN]

Your Pulse templates have been created and applied to your client files, your reports and periods have been made 'public' it's time to get the client involved! 

How? By adding them as a Pulse user, of course!

A Pulse user can be added 2 ways:

1) In the 'Users' tab on the firm level view (i.e. the screen you see when first logging in/when you click the Silverfin logo in the top left corner); or

2) Within the client file itself.

1) Click on the 'Users' tab:

Scroll down to 'External' (under the list of 'Staff' users) and click 'Add external user'

Enter the email address and name of the client and ensure the 'Send confirmation mail' tick-box is selected

Click 'Add Pulse user' and start typing the name of the file/s you want to give them access to.

NOTE: Selecting 'Manage access' allows the Pulse user to add additional Pulse user.

2) On the 'Client Overview' screen within the client file, click on 'Edit Client'

Go into the 'Users' tab and click 'Add Pulse user':

Fill in the relevant details.

Select 'Manage access' if you want them to be able to add additional Pulse users.

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