Capturing Insights on a client file

Silverfin Insights allows you to interrogate all of the financial information for your clients. You can also capture some 'Core Data' for each of your clients that will you can surface through Insights.

In may firms, this is known as the 'Insights' data or 'Core Company Information'

You can add the outputs of this template into Insights, so if you capture this information for each of your clients, it can add real value to the 'insight' you can draw from your client base.

You surface the outputs of this reconciliation by

1- Opening 'Clients'

2- In your filters on the left, select 'Reconciliation Data'

3- Select the reconciliation 'Core Company Information' (or the name of the template if you have named it differently)

4- Select the outputs you want to include in the segment

If you want to edit this template to capture more information for each of your clients, you can do this with a little Liquid Guidance from your CSM- just give us a shout and we will show you how!

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