Styles: what can I update?

You can modify or create your own bundles to export. Only your administrators can do this!
Tip: If you want to build a new bundle, it is often easier to start by copying an existing bundle, instead of starting from scratch!

To update the formats of your bundles, you need to use the 'Advanced Settings.' 

You can...

  • Rename bundles
    • (E.g. I want to rename this bundle: Full Export Pack) 
  • Change the language
    • (E.g. I want to set this pack up in Spanish) 
  • Add pdf footers & headers to your exports
    • (E.g. I want to add a pdf logo to the footer of each page)
    • Tip: it is difficult to right align a header, so if you want your logo left aligned, it's best to use the footer!
  • Alignment of page numbers
    • (E.g. I want the page number in the middle at the bottom of each page) 
  • The addition of pdf front and back covers
    • (E.g. I want to add a pdf front cover with some company imagery on) 
  • Font style, size and colours (using HEX codes)
    • (E.g. I want to the font to be Arial, Size 10 and blue) 
  • Graph colours (using HEX codes)
    • (E.g. I want the main colour in my graph to be orange) 
    • Tip: just click on the colour you want to change to select a new colour, or enter the HEX code for the exact colour
  • Margins
    • (E.g. I want to change the margins at the bottom of the page) 
  • Alignment of any client logo on the front cover
    • (E.g. I want the client logo to appear at the bottom right of the front page) 
  • Silverfin can also help you with liquid updates to the detail of the front cover, contents, headers, footers etc.
    • (E.g. I want to edit the text that is displayed on the front cover)

You can update the contents of a bundle:

  • Select which of the following you want to be part of your bundle(s):
    • Account Templates / Reconciliations
    • Reports
    • Texts
    • Documents
    • Adjustments

(E.g. I want to add the Fixed Asset Register into my export packs)

All you need to do is to drag and drop these 'building blocks' into the bundle itself.

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