What is Pulse?

Pulse is your very own, cloud-based portal through which you can communicate directly and in real-time with your clients.

What is visible?

1) My inbox: The user will be able to see all communication (notes & to-do's) which they have been tagged in (i.e. personally @name or using the @external tag).

The user can also access templates they have been tagged in here - please see the Pulse Interact article for details on how this works!

2) Trends: You are able to display up to 4 different Pulse trends per Pulse template. Read this article for guidance on how to build and apply these.

3) Useful links: You are able to display up to 4 links to external sites. Think HMRC, your company website, or perhaps a link to a website/URL which may be specific to an industry.

4) Reports: Reports are shared in Pulse on a client file basis, i.e. this is not an Admin function and it is up to the user to decide when a report is shared with the client. See this article for more details.

5) Reconciliations: Reconciliations are shared on an Admin level. This means that an Admin user will have to make a reconciliation template visible to external users and will mean this reconciliation is ALWAYS visible on Pulse, regardless of which Pulse template has been applied. 

Not so keen on a reconciliation always being visible? Why not share access to a reconciliation template using the 'Interact' function?

6) Upload new file: This allows the client to upload the much needed files directly into Silverfin (who needs email!?). 

The Pulse upload categories/folders will be set up as part of the Pulse template, so once the file has been uploaded, the client will need to select which folder/category to place the document into. 

Users are able to upload several documents in a folder/category at the same time, and can drag and drop files.

NOTE: Make sure your documents are placed in 'private' folders in Silverfin is you do not want your client to see them. See this article to find out how.

7) Add a message: A note/to-do added in Pulse will be applied to the communication pane on the 'Client Overview' page.

In order to use Pulse with your client, a few things need to be done first:

1) Build your Pulse template/s (Admin),

2) Invite your client as a Pulse user (Admin),

3) Share any relevant reports (User/Admin), and

4) Share the relevant period's data with your client (User/Admin).

Time to get started! 

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