Masterclass - Getting Started

Firstly, hey there and welcome to Silverfin! We’re so excited to have you here. We're looking forward to helping you find easier ways to manage your data, collaborate with your colleagues and your clients, and create value as a Connected Accountant. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What Do We Cover

Spend some time with us to learn how to navigate Silverfin and explore the intelligent functionality that makes Silverfin such a powerful platform. Trust us, you’ll be experts in no time. 

Discover how you can:

  • Create and customise data for improved reporting and analysis
  • Access help and information through our articles, masterclasses or chats with support
  • Automate data synchronisation and store documents in one place
  • Easily navigate your way around working papers, reconciliations and adjustments
  • Better manage and track your workflows with checklists, comments and to-dos
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients and colleagues directly from Silverfin

Short on time? Jump over to learn how to get started.  

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