What is a to-do?

What to do about to-do's?

This article aims to answer that!

What is a to-do?

A to-do is a method of communication in Silverfin, just as a 'note' is. However, it differs from a note in that it creates an action point that needs to be fulfilled and which can be monitored against a workflow. This is because a to-do item contributes towards the % completion a workflow once created.

How do I find a to-do?

A to-do is easily identifiable on a workflow.

Client Overview page: You can see how many to-do items are in a workflow.

Workflow working screen: filter on to-do items by clicking the lightning bolt:

How do I mark off a to-do item?

Once you've completed the action item, access the relevant template, and go to the communications pane on the right:

Then simply click the circle, and the to-do will be marked as complete!

If you look at your workflow progress, you'll now see an increase.

Now to get started on the other 3 to-do items, the15 reconciliations and 20 starred accounts that need reconciling...I've got a lot ' to do' ;)

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