My inbox and my client inbox

Gone are the days of the notification bell lingering in the top right hand corner...the 'inbox' has arrived!

What is it?

The inbox is a tool to enable users to view communication that they have been tagged in and to access and respond to this communication more efficiently.

My inbox

'My Inbox' gives users an overview of notifications across the entire client base (i.e. communication that they have been tagged in either personally or where @internal has been tagged - see this article for more on this).

The left hand panel shows the list of clients (you can also search for a file using the search bar), and the communication you have been tagged in within that file will show on the right.

Selecting the communication (note or to-do) will let you read the communication and access it (View in context) from within the firm inbox:

My client inbox

My client inbox allows you to effectively and efficiently view your notifications in a client file (specific to that client file only) in one place. You can also use the search bar to find a specific note or to-do.

To mark a notification as having been read, click on the note/to-do that has a red circle. This will result in:

1) The note/to-do being displayed in the screen to the right; and

2) The notification no longer appearing for that item.

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