Notifications, tagging and following a file

Notifications enable users to communicate with each other easily and efficiently, just like using messages in social media! You can also communicate with your clients if you choose to use Pulse with them!

When do I receive a notification?
  • if a user mentions you in a 'note' or 'to-do';
  • if a response is given to a note/to-do you previously started;
  • if you are following a file and @internal is tagged in communication in that file;
  • if there is a new comment in a discussion you are involved in; and
  • if you are following a post.

Where do I see the notification?

Notifications are visible in your communications inbox ('My Inbox' on a firm level and 'My client inbox' on a client file level).

For information on the inbox, read this article.

How do I mark the notification as 'read'

Click on the communication (note or to-do) that the notification applies to either in 'My inbox' or 'My client inbox'. This will be very clear in the inbox as a red circe will be visible against it.

My Inbox: 



My client inbox:


A user can only be tagged in a file if they have access to that client file (read this for details on granting access to users).

When you are tagged in a file, you will then receive a notification.

Following a file:

Once you have access to a client, you can opt to follow it. You can do this on the 'Client Overview' page:

What does this mean?

If anyone mentions @internal in a note or to-do item within a client file you are following, everyone who is following that client will receive a notification. This makes it easy to mention a group of users in a single message.

What about Pulse users (clients)?

If a client has been added as a Pulse user to the client file, they can be tagged in a reconciliation or account directly. Additionally,  it is also possible to mention all the external users at once using @external. External users only see their notifications in Pulse.

In other words, your Pulse screen will look different to the client’s Pulse screen because the client sees their own notes/to-do's.

External Users

External users (clients, bankers, auditors) who have access to the client can also be mentioned in a note / to-do item. They will receive a notification and access to the entire discussion in that section. You can only mention a user in a comment if they have access to that client. To be clear: an external user does not get access to the entire working file. They can only see the discussion in which they are mentioned.

Daily digest email messages

Every user (including external users) receives a summary of all the notifications they have not yet viewed each morning as an email. 

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