Completing a checklist

Firstly, you want to see which checklists have been assigned to a workflow.

You will see a list of all the checklists are added to a workflow just under the name of the workflow .

If a checklist hasn't been auto-added to your workflow, but you know that you need to complete it for this client, you need to go into the relevant workflow (at the file level), and hit Actions > Add checklist

A pop-up with a list of all the possible checklists to add will appear

Click on a checklist to see all of the required checks in one place:

Note: Any checks assigned to an Account or Reconciliation will hyperlink in blue, to that exact page. You can then access that particular check from the Communications panel (on the right hand side)

You can access the check directly in the communication bar (on the right) and mark as complete. You will see a small number telling you how many checks are required, and you can tick the box from there once the check is complete! 

Please note: if you add several people to the same checklist, a check is only complete once everyone has filled in that check. If a checklist includes more than one person, all of them must tick off the same check to change the percentage.

When the value in an account is changed (e.g. due to a correction booking), and the account had already been approved, it will return to ‘not approved’ status. In this way, nothing can slip through the net.

Here, you can see one check that the user has signed off.

You can also track where any checks are, by looking at the blue box on the workflow working screen home page. You can also filter on those accounts with checks, so you can see them all on one screen!

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