Adding a checklist to a client

Checklists are assigned to a workflow- and contribute to the % completion of that workflow. Only administrators can set this up.

1) Go to Templates

2) Open the workflow you want to add the checklist to

3) Scroll down to the checklists section

4) Select the checklist (or multiple) that you want to apply to this workflow

5) If you select auto-add, this checklist will automatically add to any new periods / clients you create (Note, this will not automatically add to historic periods. This is because we would not want it to impact your % completion for completed files)

6) If you don't want to auto-add this checklist, but get users to add only when required, the user needs to go into the relevant workflow (at the file level), and hit Actions > Add checklist

A pop-up with a list of all the possible checklists to add will appear

7) You will see a list of all the checklists are already added to a client just under the name of the workflow 

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