How to set up triggers [ADMIN]

A trigger can be thought of as a preset notification so that you can be kept informed when certain key events take place within your library of accounting files. For example, you can set up triggers to be notified when a client's director's loan value exceeds £10 000 (if you have set up this segment!) so you can tell them they need to file a P11D. Perhaps you want to know as soon as clients start making a loss, or when their debtors days have increased for 3 successive months.

Step 1:

Set up the relevant segments. Just like Batman needs Robin, triggers need segments as the trigger is based on a preset segment.

Step 2:

In the 'Clients' tab, select the relevant segment. You will then see the option to 'Add a trigger':

Step 3: 

- Key in the necessary action as either a note or to-do

- Select whether you want the trigger to run 'manually' (i.e. by an Admin user) or 'daily'

- You can either Save your trigger for later or can run it straight away!

Where does the note/to-do appear?

You will see the relevant communication in the communications pane (and communication tab) in the relevant period selection.

So, for example, if the directors loan value exceeds £10 000 in a certain file, you will see the below on the relevant file in Silverfin:

You will also get a notification, as you would with any other to-do or note (if you are mentioned/following the client file).

Note: The note/to-do will only appear in the relevant period selection where the segment filters were met (i.e. when a client file fits into the relevant segment).

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