Segments - what, why, & how? [ADMIN]

Note: Only Admin users can create segments. Standard users can, however, access these segments and apply additional filters on top of these. 

What is a 'segment'?

A segment is a pre-saved group of filters that is used to interrogate data within all client files. 

Think of a segment as the desired result which is made up of different components (a bit like a cake!). Your 'segment' would be your carrot cake, and your filters would be your eggs, butter, sugar, nuts, carrots etc. 

Why use segments?

For ease of access/efficiency! Segments would ideally be things that users want to see on a regular basis.

Every time you want to eat your carrot cake, you don't want to have to bake it, right? So you segment is your pre-made carrot cake waiting in the fridge ready for consumption.

But how do I set these up?

- You will need to build your segments (cakes), using the relevant filters (ingredients). 

- Once you have the desired segment in mind, you need to think of which filters would be needed and add these filters. Read this article for guidance.

- The period selection (Last period, Last period of the most recently ended bookyear, Period that contains a specific date) needs to be included as part of the segment.

- Once ready to go, you can 'Save as a segment' and give your segment a name:

Then what?

Each time you access your 'Clients' tab, you will be able to access this segment using the 'Select a segment' dropdown:

You can analyse the client files with these predefined filters, or you can use this as a starting point and add additional filters that are relevant to you! 

Remember! If you've been analysing a segment and now want to look at other/new filters, you first need to select 'All clients' in the 'Select a segment' dropdown in order to refresh your client list. If you don't, the filter will just be added onto the most recently selected segment (so your carrot cake is now lathered in chocolate icing).

Silverfin does have a library of existing/ recommended segments that you can add to your environment in this article. 

Once your segments are set up, you can think of setting up a few triggers! 

Happy baking!

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