Why is my PDF not visible in my export?

You have saved a PDF file from another program (e.g. from your bookkeeping system) and have attached it to one of your working papers in Silverfin. When you export a report that's meant to show that PDF but you notice that the pages remain blank in that export .

What is going wrong? 

Unfortunately,  your PDF file is "corrupt" or "broken". This seems to happens when a PDF is saved directly from a system other than those specifically designed to make/save PDF files.

How do you solve this? 

The simplest and quickest way to solve this is to:

1) Open the PDF file in your PDF reader (e.g. Adobe) and print / export it from there to a PDF file, and

2) Re-add the newly created PDF to Silverfin. This will then be visible in your export.

If this is still not working as expected, please contact our support so that they can investigate further.

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