How and why do I tag adjustments?

Why tag adjustments?

Tagging adjustments is by no means mandatory, but definitely a value-adding feature to make use of!

There are several reasons why you may choose to tag adjustments, the most frequent being:

- For general oversight/visibility of which type of adjustment the adjustment/s belong to; and

- For efficiency gains when copying adjustments over into a new period. For details on how to copy adjustments, read this article.

How to tag adjustments

Step 1: Create the adjustment tags at a firm level (this is an Admin function)

- Select the 'Templates' tab and scroll riiiiiiiiight down to the bottom (keep scrolling) until you get to 'Adjustment tags'.

Click 'Add adjustment tag' and, well, add them!

Once the adjustment tags are created, they can be used when posting adjustments within Silverfin. An input field will appear at the top of your 'Adjustments' page (under 'New adjustment'). 

When you click on this field, you will have the option of selecting the relevant tag/s set up for the firm. Once again, you do not have to select a tag!

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