Masterclass - Working Papers

What We'll Talk About

Pav, one of our Product Developers, is here to get you into the nitty-gritty with working papers on the Silverfin platform. We will talk about account templates and reconciliations, and show you how Silverfin uses the account templates to guide user input and determine where in the underlying bookkeeping system to pull data from. Not to boast but by the end of this masterclass, you’ll see how Silverfin can simplify your reconciliation process, reduce manual errors, improve visibility of your client's data and optimise your workflow.

We’ll delve into the most regularly used account templates and working papers, explore specifics within data fields and learn some tricks along the way. You’ll also see how this information all flows together into your summary reports and analytical reviews.

What You'll Learn

  • Account templates including Prepayments, Stock Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Holiday Accruals, Disallowed Expenses and Hire Purchase
  • How this feeds into reconciliations including the Fixed Asset Register, Bank Payments, Directors Loan, VAT Returns and Turnover, Profit Reconciliation, Payroll Reconciliation and Dividends
  • Creating insight with the Balance sheet and P&L analytical review

Short on time?  

Read about how to assign an account template, or explore the Prepayments, Accruals, or Disallowed Expenses template in your own time.

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