How does Xero data appear in Silverfin?

Where your data appears in Silverfin depends on where you map it! 

Please ensure that all Xero accounts are reflected in the correct Silverfin account, the account type is particularly important!

Here is a quick data flow diagram- it's actually really simple! Your data flows one-way (from Xero to Silverfin)!

  • With a full Xero sync, all General Ledger data will sync from Xero across to Silverfin (and you can screenshots of how this looks further down the article)
  • With a TB only sync (which you use for clients with FX transactions- you can read more here) only the TB information from Xero will flow across into Silverfin.
  • Data only flows one way- so the adjustments you post will not automatically flow back into Xero! You can read more on adjustments here!

We are now going to show you how your data appears in Silverfin compared to Xero!

1. Open the client's overview page in Silverfin on one tab, and the client's Balance Sheet in Xero on another tab.

NOTE: Please make sure you are in the same period in both Silverfin and Xero before doing this comparison

2. The client's overview page has a financial summary at the top of the screen. If correctly mapped, this should reflect the basic details in the Xero Trial Balance per the below screenshots. Here you can see the values match across both systems!



The Xero P&L is below for your reference:

But what about the details of each account? Where can I find these?

For example, let's look at Computer Equipment!

1. Go into the relevant 'Client Working Papers' page and click on 'Computer Equipment'.

2. Once in the account, click 'View ledger' on the right hand side. This is what you will see:

3. If you go into the 'Computer Equipment Transactions' page under 'Account Transactions' in Xero you will see those same details!

And there you have it! The details you have in Xero are now in Silverfin and you're ready to go!

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