Problems with the opening balance in a file that syncs from a specific date

When setting up the synchronization in your file, Silverfin will default to sync from the start date of the file (the first day of the first financial year). However, you can also set to sync from a certain later date, provided that that date is the first day of a new financial year. If you choose to start syncing from such a specific date, it is important to know that this can have an impact on the opening balance sheets.

If you set the sync with a specific start date (not the first day of the first financial year) because you change from a manual upload file to an automatic synchronization. Sometimes the opening TB will not be transferred into Silverfin but there is an easy solution for this. When you check the book years of the file in Silverfin & check if there is a black arrow active next to the financial year where the opening TB should be transferred too:

When the arrow is activated - it will transfer the opening TB into that financial year:

Warning: you can only activate this arrow when the years are decoupled from the synchronisation. In order to achieve this you have to contact:

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