Analytical reporting [ADMIN]

Analytical reporting allows you to analyse your nominal accounts according to different categories/dimensions. Silverfin supports up to two dimensions which can be divided into subcategories.
Analytical files can be used if you use a standard Xero sync (i.e. not Xero TB) and have ' t racking categories' set up in Xero. You can also import categories as part of the manual upload process (see this article for details).

To enable analytical reporting in Silverfin, ensure ' Analytical' is selected at the file setup stage or alternatively you can change the file type to ' Analytical' in the ' Edit client' screen:
NOTE: Analytical reporting is a premium feature in Silverfin, which means that it comes at an additional charge. This will be stipulated in your Silverfin contract. If you need any assistance in finding out the pricing for analytical files, please contact your CSM.

Where do I see my analytical dimensions?
You will see these under ' View Ledger' within the relevant nominal accounts, and can also set up reports to enable these details to be displayed.

'View Ledger' details

Setting up period sets to see analytical dimensions in reports:
1) Find the relevant report you'd like to add the details to in the ' Templates' tab, and open it up.

2) Go to ' Periods'. One of the tiles/boxes you will see has ' Analytical Period'. This is the box you're looking for! Drag it in and see what happens!
Setting up analytical periods on a report is almost exactly the same as a standard 'period', except that you need to select which dimension you want to show details of. For example, to see the details of the categories in my first tracking category/analytical field I will choose the following in my period set:
On a report, I'll see this:
On a report, you can select which analytical fields you'd like to display:
You can even create a column which sums the analytical fields selected in the dropdown above:
Here's what you'll get:

Analytical budgeting:

You are also able to add budgets per tracking category in a report. To do this you'll need to:

1. Add an 'Analytical' period set to a period set of the relevant report you want to use. Select the relevant option to show the 'budget' for the dimension.

2. On the report itself (on a client file level), click ' More Options' -> ' Edit Budget

3. Enter the budget details as you normally would: 

4. Enter a budget for each analytical category by selecting the category on the top left:

Hiding analytics dimensions

Don't need one/some of the categories that have come through from Xero? No worries - just hide them!
1) On the report, click on the ' Dimensions' dropdown -> ' Edit dimensions'

2) Select which dimensions you'd like to hide 

3) If you make a mistake you can always 'Unhide' them later:

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