URL: https://www.oksign.be/en/

The OK!Sign integration provides Silverfin users with the possibility to have their documents digitally signed. 

Once the document has been signed by all appointed parties, the document will be visible in both the Ok!Sign dashboard as well as within the Silverfin file.

Below you will find an overview on how to set up the integration with Ok!Sign, together with a brief explanation on how to use this functionality in your Silverfin environment.


In order to use the Ok!Sign integration, you'll first require an Ok!Sign account, all the information on registering can be found on the Ok!Sign website: https://www.oksign.be/en/ .

Once you have your Ok!Sign account, and you're logged into your Ok!Sign dashboard, you can find the Silverfin link in the 'Apps' menu:

Here you can activate the link with Silverfin, which will ask you to login to the Silverfin platform to authorise the application.
Once you've authorised the application, you should be all set to use Ok!Sign with Silverfin.

How to use Ok!Sign in Silverfin

The Ok!Sign integration will allow you to send over Silverfin text documents to have them digitally signed by different parties indicated in your document. The standard text templates in Silverfin already have a functionality built into them that will allow sign markers to be transferred to Ok!Sign. These sign markers already contain some information about the signing party such as: name, email and mobile phone. This allows Ok!Sign to already fill in a couple of the required fields without having to ask you for these once again.

In order to make sure that all this information is picked up correctly, you will have to make sure that this information is available in the file. There should be a text template in the documents called 'Company Information' that lists the directors and shareholders of that specific company. If this information is filled in together with an email address and mobile phone number, this data will be added to the signing party's information which Ok!Sign uses to correctly start the signing process.

Once you've verified that the app is registered and the details of the different signing parties have been filled in, you're ready to start the signing request. Currently only text documents can be used to start the request:

In the top 'Actions' menu, you'll be able to find a new action called 'Ok!Sign' which will start the request.
This action will direct you to the Ok!Sign website where your current document will be uploaded together with the different signing parties included in that document.

Here you can finalise the request by going over the different signing markers and making sure that these are located on the correct positions within the document itself. Once you're satisfied with your request, you can save the document and finalise the request.

Notice: We are currently aware that the Ok!Sign-action redirects your current page to Ok!Sign without opening a new tab, this is being looked at to make sure that you can easily return back to Silverfin after finalising the request.

To keep track of the status of your document, you will find a new comment in the Silverfin file which indicates that the signing process has started:

This message will provide updates as soon as one of the signing parties has signed your document.
Once all parties have signed your document, you'll find a PDF version attached to the message thread:

This will conclude the request allowing you to either download the document here, or within the Ok!Sign dashboard.

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