Checklists- who, what, where, when, how

'Check' it out.... Checklists consist of a list of predefined checks that need to be completed for each client, that can be assigned to a particular account or reconciliation, or to the file as a whole.

Your admin team are able to create as many checklists as they want- speak to them if you need new checklists built! 

Let's whizz through the key points in regard to a checklist!

What... are they?

  • Checklists are standardised lists of 'checks' that you as administrators want your users to 'check' for within your client files
  • They are defined at the firm level, and added to the client level (either automatically, or when the user requires it) on a per-workflow basis
  • They contribute to the % completion of a workflow
  • You can create as many different checklists as your firm requires! But remember, the idea is to standardise checklists across workflows!

Why... are they used?

  • Checklists are used to standardise the 'checks' across your firm
  • (Note: you can still use 'notes' and 'to-do's' on specific clients for specific actions

Where... are they built?

  • In the Administrators 'Templates' section
  • Checklists are assigned to a workflow
  • Checks can be assigned to 
    • 'General' (which means the file as a whole, and appear on the Client Overview page)
    • Certain reconciliations
    • An account range

Who... can build them?

  • Only your firm administrators can build checklists
  • Your firm administrators also assign the checklists to the relevant workflows

Who... can sign them off?

  • As default, the person who adds the checklist is assigned to 'sign off' the checks
  • Any user can change who is assigned to a checklist
  • Once you have been assigned to a checklist, only that user can sign off the checks
  • All users assigned to a checklist must sign of all checks for the checklist to reach 100% completion

When... are they used?

  • If they have been auto-added to a workflow, they will be assigned to every new period for a client where that workflow exists
  • If they are not auto-added, the user can add them whenever they

How... to use checklists.

  • Use these articles to help you navigate all of the checklist functionality within Silverfin:

Some best practice:

We can't tell you which checklists to build and who should sign them off. Each any every firm uses these slightly differently, and this way, you can define your own checks, that are relevant to your business!

  • Lots of firms use these workflow checklists as 'review checklists' and create one for the preparer (to check some key items), one for the manager (to review some key items) and one for the partner
  • It can be useful to use a numbering system (E.g. If you workflow is called 2. Working Papers, then call your checklist 2. Working papers) This makes it easy to manage!

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