How do I make periods visible to the client in Pulse?

As with reports, it's up to the user to make the period visible (or not visible) to clients.

As a first point of call, it would be advisable to make a new period 'private' until such time that you are ready to share it with the client.

How do you do this? 

1) Go to the ' Client Overview' page of the relevant client file. Select 'Actions' -> 'Make private'

What does this do?

- The client won't be able to view the period in Pulse at all (if there is a prior period which they have access to, they will be taken to that period). 

- As a user, if you go into Pulse you'll see that the period isn't available for the client to view:

When you're ready to make your period visible, you can do this is one of two ways:

1) The same way you made the period private to begin with! 

' Client overview' -> 'Actions' -> 'Make public'

2) Go to the Pulse screen (shown above) and 'Click here' to open the period.

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