How do I create a graph?

It is very easy to create a graph in Silverfin- it is one of the key features within the 'Reports' section.

Open up the report that you would like to attach a graph to, and simply click on “Add graph” in the top left.

In Settings, on the right hand-side, select which type of graph you want to build. 

A pie chart:

When you select 'pie chart' you are also asked to select the period for that pie chart (YTD, PTD etc). You have one pie chart per graph, and so you can only select one period!

You can then name and define the values you want to be shown in the pie chart. 

Tip: you can use formula here to add many accounts together! You can also use tags!

A line chart:

When you select a line chart, you can select a range of periods. You can select your periods in the same way that you select period's when you build a report. You can show multiple periods in the same line graph.

The 'lines' are made up by adding 'values.' In the example below, both 'revenue' and 'cost of sales' are being shown on the same graph. Note: the 'tags' have been used here! Use the icons to select whether you want to see lines, or bars. If you have completed a budget for that report, you can also show it in the same graph!

Viewing your graphs:

Once you have created your graphs, you can scroll between any of the graphs you have selected. 

If you want to edit a graph, select the 'pencil' icon near the graph title.

You can also hover over the graph and this will give you more information about that 'bar,' 'line' or part of the 'pie!'

Graph style:

The colours used in a graph can be changed! The formats of the graphs are created in the 'Styles' part of Silverfin. 

When you click edit / build a style, go to advanced settings and you will see the ‘Graph Colours’ 

Note: Only administrators can change a style

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