How can I add documents to Silverfin?

When you open the 'Documents' section for the first time for a given client, you will see an empty screen. This is completely normal, because you need to start by choosing which documents you want to see there. There are  three ways of adding documents to Silverfin:

  • Use the templates we provide
  • Upload them manually
  • Forwarding emails 

Text templates

We provide a few templates for you to use. You will find them in ‘Templates’ > ‘Texts’. You can easily add a template via "Actions" and then selecting ' New text.' Here you will see all of the templates assigned to that Client.

Manual upload

A second way of adding documents is by uploading them manually. A ‘drag & drop’ feature is also available for adding documents.

Forward emails

You can also save emails in Documents. Go to the Documents section in Silverfin, where you will see a specific email address at the bottom of the screen. You can forward the emails to that address. Then an ‘Emails’ folder will be created automatically, containing your email conversation. Also read this article for more information.

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