Set up Silverfin for use for farming clients [ADMIN]

Your firm wants to start using Silverfin for Farms - this will cover how to get this set up!

1. Add the Farming Templates from the Marketplace

- Navigate to the templates area on firm level

- Open the Marketplace and select 'United Kingdom' and 'Working Papers' from the left hand side column, and you will see 'Farming Working Papers' as a package!

- Click into the package to see the templates we have available

2. Add the Farming CoA to your firm environment

This is our latest and greatest CoA for Farms - it is largely the same as your usual CoA, only it includes lots of extra codes for Sheep, Cows, Wheat and Barley etc.


3. Set up your Farming client templates

The best way to use these templates is to create specific Client templates.

Silverfin has helped you by providing Workflow Working Screens, Workflows and Reports that will mean you can quickly set this up!

Note: We have separated these into 'Unincorporated' and 'Limited' working paper workflows.

4. Allocate the account templates to the relevant codes

As you know, to get the best out of the automation within Silverfin, you can allocate particular templates to particular incoming account codes. Here is a reminder on how to allocate account codes: How to assign an account template

Here are the 2 account templates that are worth allocating:

Agricultural - Stock Valuation: Livestock - 142000__142006
Agricultural - Stock Valuation: Crops and Other - 142007__142025

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