Bitesize Masterclass - DLA

What We'll Talk About

Remember when Directors Loan Accounts (DLA) used to be complicated? Yeah, thank goodness that part of our lives is over thanks to Pav. Pav is here to take you through the templates we’ve created to support you with Directors’ Loan Account reconciliations. We hate to brag but as always, Silverfin templates are pretty smart. And besides, we don’t think it’s bragging if it’s true.

What You'll Learn

  • Navigating the Directors Loan Account (Summary) template, including the data fields across monthly payments, receipts, movement, interest, and adjustments
  • Navigating the Directors Loan Account with transactional detail and corresponding text document, for individual transactional detail, to support manual uploads with no ledger data, or to import reconciliation data

Short on time? Access our Help Article for detailed instructions on the Directors Current/Loan Account.

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